If you just purchased a used swingset from a neighbor or an online site, we can professionally move for you. Or if you are in the proccess of moving from one home to another and want to take the family playground, we can help you as well.

If you have notice the backyard playset is structurally unsound and are worried of the kiddos safety.

Maintaining the backyard playset is crucial. you have invested hundres and sometimes thousdands of dollars. If you want the back yard swing set to last the solution is maintenance.

If you need help in any process. Wether you need advise on buying a new playset or advise on repairs. We can give you the best possible advise so you do not make a costly mistake.

Fall Zones
Are you needing a border around your backyard playfort? We can install and fill your border.

If you are looking to add to your exisiting swingset. We can add just about any fun feature. As your kids grow and get stronger, you can watch your playset grow as well.




    New Installations




Contact The Swingset Guys today for more information or to schedule your appointment. Serving the Houston, Austin and surrounding areas.

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