Play set repairs, Houston and Austin TX

     Repairs can be done to just about any playground. Your kids might be itchin’ to get out and play on their swingset but your worried about those necessary repairs needed. You haven’t had the time to do it yourself on top of all the house hold chores. Or You have purchased a used playset and you know there will probably be some repairs necessary.

     We can help you with any playset repairs you may need. All our play set repairs are made to blend in with the existing design. So the new pieces look like they are original pieces to the set. We also make all repairs with pressure treated wood so you don’t have to worry about further rotting and dealing with repairs again. Any hardware used on pressure treated wood is galvanized. Galvanized hardware has to be used on pressure treated wood because the chemicals used in pressure treated wood will corrode most unprotected hardware. Some  repairs can be easy and take about 1 to 2 hours. More difficult repairs like replacing post or decks can take 4 hours and up. Repairs depend on the make, model and how much repair needs to be done.

     playground repairs in Houston and Austin TX                   playground afer repairs, Houston and Austin Tx

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