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      So There you are wondering and starring into the abyss of hundreds of wood pieces and bags upon bags of hardware. Boxes and boxes filled with wood pieces and you have no clue where to start. The instructions might as well be in German ( unless you speak and read German, then you might have a chance) because they are unclear and you have no clue what they mean. Will you go at it alone or call for back up? 10-4 we hear you loud and clear. The Swingset Guys are here. E-mail us or call us today. We are glad to help with your installation of your new playset or swingset anywhere you are located in the Houston , TX. and Austin, TX. areas.We will cut down those days of work into hours. We can install almost any swing set in a day. If you have a birthday party coming up and need that playset installed ASAP, we are here to make that swingset installation headache go away. We have Houston and Austin playset installers with years of experience. We are dedicated to delivering the best because we are the best. When it comes to installing outdoor play equipment we do not play around. We take our job seriously because any minor detail can jeopardize your kids safety. Our top priorities are safety, quality work, and customer satisfaction. These values will bring you satisfaction knowing that your family's play set is in great hands and will be done right the first time. If you are shopping around for some wooden playgrounds click here! Or if you need help looking for the right swingset please email us or call us at 713.392.0235. If you have shopped around and you can't find what you want and maybe thinking about a custom treehouse or playfort click here.

         kid creations assembly

Our prices are based on The Manufacturer and model. Each playset is different and some models are more difficult and time consuming to install than others. We do not base or prices on what you paid for your playground.

Here is a list of play set Manufacturers we install

list includes but not limited to:

  • Kids Creations
  • Gorilla
  • Cedar Works
  • Backyard Discovery
  • Adventure Playsets
  • Leisure Time
  • Backyard Adventure
  • and many more...

So why should you have us assemble you backyard swingset?

  • Professional assembly
  • You payed hundreds if not thousdands of dollars for your playset. Why let unqulified personel handle your investment?
  • all field techs go through a 6 month training program specifically designed to insure proper installation
  • most wooden swing sets assembled in hours vs. trying to tackle it yourself which could take several days.
  • we have the best knowledge and customer service
  • we accept cash, checks, credit, debit and even American express!
  • wooden playforts is all we do. We are not handymen
  • All our work comes with a 6 month warranty

     Here is what could happen if you try to assemble yourself our hire unqualifed handymen.

handyman could not line up and square up boards

careless handeling of boards resulting in surface damage

handyman could not line up boards so decided to drill his own holes

handy many running out of time so he used nails. Also the board was facing the wrong way

Again the post and top facia board was not lining up so the handyman decided to drill

Handyman ignored directions and refused to use counter sunk holes. improper attachment

The Swingset Guys were very professional from start to finish.  Gabriel was very cordial and customer-oriented from the get-go when I first inquired about their services, and he gave me a great price on the installation.  My initial dealings with The Swingset Guys really set them apart from the other competitor in Houston, who was rude and more concerned with money and not service.  The Swingset Guys did a good job installing the swingset and afterwards were very patient in going over the maintenance of the swingset and answering all my questions – I could tell they were experienced.  I have no problem recommending them to my friends. You won’t find a finer swingset installer in Houston!

 -Andrew Y.-






After calling around to various play set installers, we chose the Swing Set guys.  The Swing Set Guys were professional, knowledgeable and courteous from my first phone call all the way to when the play set installation was completed.  They arrived on time and worked in a timely, but careful manner.   They offered suggestions as to where the best places to put the playset were and then kindly allowed me to take my time as I made a decision.  They went above and beyond and explained the safety features and future maintenance of the play set and cleaned up before leaving.  I would highly recommend their services and am very pleased with my decision to choose the Swing Set Guys. 

-The Tempalman's-


These guys are great!  As I was researching which wooden playset to go with I found these guys for installers.  I started emailing them asking for suggestions of best manufactureres, figuring they knew whose products were really good.  They were so patient and answered all my questions ... all before they knew if they had a job or not.  Once I got the playset ordered I contacted them back to setup a date.  They were very willing to work around my schedule of only being home on Fri, Sat, Sundays since I travel for a living.  They arrived on time ready to work.  They had the perfect suggestion as to how to place the equipment on my lot.  They were in and out in no time at all.  Picked up everything before they left.  They are out of Houston but travel to Austin for installations.  I really appreciated all their suggestions upfront and their great work on the install!!



Gabriel and his crew did a great job. They were punctual and easy to work with. They picked up the playset on time from the seller's house on a Friday in which they took it apart, transported it, and pressure washed it. After letting the play set dry over the weekend, they stained and reassembled the next Monday. It looks like it is new. My kids love it. I definitely recommend Gabriel and the Swingset Guys!

-Eddie Pinkerton-


From my experience, I highly recommend The Swingset Guys. They answered all my questions about prices and materials. The day of the install they arrived about 5 minutes early. They had great customer service and were far more proffessional than other companies that I had contacted. Highly reccomend these guys. They are Great!!! Thanks Swingset Guys.

-Miguel Martinez-


"I cannot say enough good things about the Swingset Guys!   My experience with them has been positive from the beginning.  I emailed Gabriel asking for information about installation and pricing and received a reply within hours.  The prompt response was so appreciated... His level of experience was quite impressive... The amount of time between the initial phone call and day of installation was one week, and had I been able to have the set delivered earlier, the amount of time would have been less!

Watching Gabriel and his assistant work was truly impressive.  Their precision and accuracy was impeccable.  You can tell they take great pride in their work.  This is a large structure that will be in my back yard for many years and it is extremely visible from the interior of my home.  No detail was spared regarding placement in relation to the inside view.  I watched him inspect the structural integrity for quite a while before proceeding with the finishing touches.  As a mother of two little boys, I feel secure knowing that their safety was important to the people putting together their backyard playset.

I will absolutely recommend The Swingset Guys to anyone needing a swingset installation, repair, or consultation.  These guys were great and I so appreciate their work!"

-Amy Stoker-


"Excellent! Very responsive to emails as I looked at different sets, gave me honest infomation on each set that I was interested in. The guys showed up to pick up the set on time, and worked very dilligently all day to ensure the set was ready by the end of the day! 

Very courteous, and the swing set looks awesome!"

-Susan Peter-

"In the process of trying to get quotes to move a used play system, I contacted more than 5 different compaines multiple times. The Swingset Guys were the only ones that responded on immediately with an excellent quote. Gabriel has even responded on the weekend and after hours. I had them come out to do a consultation on the set before we bought it. He showed up on time ( a rarity among contractors) and very fairly explained the work that would need to be done and the work that was not necessary but could be done. We decided to purchase the set. They disassembled and moved it to our house (again showing up on time)... No complaints..."

-M. Weyler-


"Swingset Guys crew installed our large wooden playset yesterday morning. From my first email, Gabriel was extremely attentive, professional and responsive. They arrived 5 minutes early and ready to work. He and another person worked on the playset approximately 5.5 hours. It would have taken us a couple of weekends to put this together. He was very patient while my husband and I decided exactly where to place it once they had the 'skeleton' of the playset put up. Once they finished, he went over the general maintenance for the playset and also told me about their re-staining services for future maintenance. It was a great experience and we were so happy to have found such a professional business owner, unlike the owner of a well known playset installer in Houston, whom I had first contacted. It's hard to believe that rude people still get business in this day and age. Highly recommend The Swingset Guys!"

-Nora Lorea- 





    New Installations




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