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     So moving day is nearing and you think you have everything covered. You take a look through the back door and you forgot your kiddo’s treasured swingset. You need to move that play set/ swing set. The movers won’t move it or they have moved it but can’t put it back together.We can help. We are professionals and we know you have invested thousands on that playset. Do not let unqualified personal handle something you have invested so much in. We know how to do it right. Why let unqualified playset movers handle it? Would you let your lawn guy switch engines in your car? Or your pool guy do your taxes? Get it done right the first time, just contact us.

     Have you purchased a used playset and now stuck not knowing how to get it home? We will pick it up and reinstall it professionally for you. Or do you need help purchasing a used playset? You are looking through various sites looking for the right swing set for your backyard. We also provide consultations in case you are unsure if the playground is a good deal and need some expert advice or opinion. Well here are some helpful hints and guidelines you should follow.

     When purchasing a used play set make yourself a list of questions you should ask the current owner.

Ex: How old is the playground?
Are they the origlinal owner?
When was the last time they pressure washed and stained it and how often do they restain it? ( recommended maintenance should be done once a year)
Is there any rot? If yes, where is the rot?
Have they replaced any rotted boards? If yes, are they replacement boards ordered from the factory?

* These are just some example questions. We also have the information listed only as tips. It is your responsibility to do your research before purchasing a used playset unless you hire us for a consultation*

     Time to get dirty! So you want to go out and look at the used playset. This is the part where you have to get down and dirty. Do not just stand around and look at the swing set. You are going to have to get down and dirty and check and I mean really check all the post, rails, decks, and just about any wood part that touches the ground. What you are looking for is rot. Make sure the post are sound. And even after checking you might miss something and will not see it until you start taking things apart. If you are unsure of checking a playset we can help you with a consultation. We have had moves before where we go out and disassemble a play set and the post and decks are so rotted that we are unable to reinstall it with out costly repairs. Repairs are a seperate service therefore an added charge on top of the move. All are pricing is up front so there will be no hidden charges.

     When you call in or e-mail for a quote to move a swing set in the Houston or Austin area we need to know who is the manufacturer and the model name. Each play set is different and some are more difficult to move than others. The average playset move takes about 4 to 6 hours to move.

     Here are some pictures of some handymen work. They claimed to have moved some swingsets before. See and compare to professionals for yourself.

     We have no problem with handyguys as they are great at sheetrock repair, or replacing a faucet but playsets is a skilled trade in itself and should be left up to the pros. Our installers have a minimum 6 MONTH training program that they go through. How many handyguys have you contacted with at least some proper training? We strongly advise to do some homework before hiring anyone to move and reassemble your playset. We have the proper skills, knowledge and training to assemble your swingset so why hire an unqualified handyguy.

    play set mover in Houston and Austin                    Rainbow playset movers in Houston and Austin TX

      Unqulified swingset movers                   We took care of the problem and
  moved the playset and said they                 reinstalled the swingset for the
  had to come back and finsished                 Goss Family. Now their kids can
   They never showed up again.                     play outside and enjoy their
                                                                                       play set.



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