Playset maintenance service, Houston, Austin TX

     We can restore your swing set and give it a second chance at life. We will power wash your playset and clean all accessories like, slide, swings, telescope, handles, ect. We will aslo sand rough surfaces to minimize splinters. Also we will inspect and tighten, your playset making sure all the weight bearing bolts are doing their job properly. We will inspect for any potential problems and notify you and give your swingset an inspection and evaluation. After pressure washing, we will let the swing set dry and give it a new coat of high quality stain. If you have a tarp roof we will apply a vinyl protectant. The vinyl protectant deep cleans your tarp roof while applying a layer of UV protectant to keep your tarp from fading. The vinyl protectant is biodegradable and safe for your kids. Your kids will thank you for bringing back that fun and memory filled playset.

     So why maintain your play set and what does it really do?
Well it is very important to maintain you swingset because it helps to prolong the playset’s life. It’s like tuning up your car. Proper maintenance of your vehicle can help you avoid costly repairs. Same thing with your playground. Keeping up with the maintenance will save you time, costly repairs, give your playset a prolonged life, and keep it looking nice. Instead of looking moldy, grey and old. The stain we use is high quality outdoor grade stain , which is an oil based stain not water based. The oil based stain is a lot better protectant. It helps keep good moisture in while wrapping the wood with a waterproof layer. The stain also has mildew retardant, insect repellent and UV protectant.

     Here are some pictures of a playset that has had proper maintenance vs a swingset without the maintenance.

      swingset maintnenance service in Houston and Austin TX                playground maintenance service in Houston and Austin TX

       Playset needing major TLC.                  Swingset after leveling and
   Notice it is out of level and needs                         maintenance
    to be power washed and stained



      playset, swingset pressure washing maintenance, Houston and Austin TX                play set, swing set staining services, Houston and Austin TX

    Rainbow playset after pressure            Rainbow playground after staining



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