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     Yes we can even provide the service to install playground borders. Even though a fall zone in a residential setting is not required by law, it looks nice. Also another positive point to adding a playset border is that it keeps the landscapers from beating the wood with their weed eaters and some times causing major damage.

     Swingset fall zones can usually be installed in one day or it can be added on to an existing playset.

     If you are unsure of what type of material to fill you playset border with, here are some questions you should ask yourself along with some of our recommendations.

     We recommend either regular mulch or better yet wood engineered kiddy mulch. Kiddy mulch is specifically designed for playset fall zones. Sand is probably the worst possible material as sand traps moisture at the base of the fort. Trapping the moisture is the worst thing that can happen because moisture and wood do not mix. The trapped moisture will not only start the decaying process but also speed it up.

     When you are planning to fill your border you need to ask yourself, what will I do with the material when the kids out grow the play set? For example- rubber mulch can not even be taken to most landfills. What will you do with the tons of pea gravel, etc.

     On the other hand mulch can be used on your flower beds. You can spend some relaxing spring days re-mulching your flower beds or start a new vegetable garden, planting some new flowers, etc.

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         Here is some safety info regarding play set fall zones.

     The protective playground surface is often the most overlooked part of home playground safety. While about 80% of public playgrounds have some type of shock-absorbing protective surfacing under playground equipment, only 9% of home playgrounds do, according to a 2001 playground injury study conducted by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC). The study found that, of the roughly 50,000 injuries annually associated with home playground equipment, 69% of the injuries were a result of falls to a non-protective surface below the equipment.

     Most commonly, backyard playgrounds sit on top of grass and dirt, but neither surface provides adequate protection against serious injury due to falls, even falls from 30 inches or less above the ground. Fractures of the arms and hands, and lacerations and contusions of the head and face are the most commonly reported injuries that result from a child falling from playground equipment to a non-protective playground surface such as grass or dirt, as reported by the CPSC.


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Material                          Uncompressed         Uncompressed         Uncompressed         Compressed
                                         6 Inch Depth             9 Inch Depth           12 Inch Depth          9 InchDepth

Wood Chips                        7 ft                              10 ft                          11 ft                        10 ft
Shredded Bark Mulch            6 ft                             10 ft                           11 ft                         7 ft
Engineered Wood Fibers**    6 ft                                7 ft                        >12 ft                          6 ft
Fine Sand                              5 ft                               5 ft                            9 ft                          5 ft
Course Sand                         5 ft                                5 ft                            6 ft                         4 ft
Fine Gravel                            6 ft                               7 ft                           10 ft                       >6 ft
Medium Gravel                      5 ft                                5 ft                             6 ft                        5 ft
Shredded Tires***                 10-12 ft                         N/A                             N/A                        N/A

**This product was referred to as Uniform Wood Chips in previous versions of the handbook. In the playground industry, the product is more commonly known as Engineered Wood Fibers.

***This data is from tests conducted by independent testing laboratories on a 6 inch depth of uncompressed shredded tire samples produced by four manufacturers. The test results reported critical heights which varied from 10 feet to greater than 12 feet. It is recommended that persons seeking to install shredded tires as a protective surface request test data from the supplier showing the critical heights of the material when it was tested in accordance with ASTM F1292

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