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     You know you want to surprise your kids with a playset they will enjoy for years to come. Your budget is limited and you think buying a used playset is the way to go. That is great but there are things you should know before buying the first deal you find. We are not trying to scare you away from any purchase. We just want to provide you with some tools and knowledge so you can make an informed decision. If you still are unsure of a swingset, you can contact us for a consultation. Our professional field techs are not salesmen. We do not sale any playsets so you can be assured you will not pressured to buy anything you do not want. Rather our techs are trained to help you every step of the way. They will give you several options as well as all the information you need to know before you make any decision. Our Playset techs will perform a top to bottom inspection for any rot, damage or safety hazards the swingset may have.

     Things you need to know before buying a used play set. First of all do not jump the gun on any used swingset. Ask questions first before you drive out of your way to look at a play set.

     Questions you should ask
How old is the playset?
Have they stained the swingset and how often?
Have they done any repairs? If so, did they use factory replacement parts?
Does it have any rot?

     Used playsets are much like buying a used car. You have to get all the facts and look under the hood before purchasing. Most swingsets look great in pictures or at first glance but you should take a closer look. What you are looking for is rot. Especially on the weight bearing boards like the corner post, decks, support beams, a- frame legs, etc. You really need to get down and dirty and make sure the bottom of these post are solid and not disintegrating.

*These are just some helpful tips to help you on your purchase of a used swingset. These tips do not guarantee a sound playset. We can only guarantee customer satisfaction by contracting our consultation service.*

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     What else are consultations good for? Well, lets say you have limited space in you backyard and unsure if a playset will fit. You can contract our consultation service and we can go out and give you expert advice on what type of swingsets will fit. Take in mind that you still need to have enough swing room for your slide, rock wall, ladder, etc. You want to make sure your kids will not be swinging into any obstruction or sliding into a concrete patio. We will measure the area in question and ask you what you are looking for in a playground. After hearing what you want our trained playset tech will give you some advise and the options you have. You will be able to breath at ease knowing all the information and being able make an educated decision. Here is what could happen if you shoot the gun on the purchase of a swingset and pray it will fit. (Rule of thumb- always take the swingset dimensions LXW plus add 6 feet all around. Your answer is the actual space you will need for a safe play area) Ex: playground dimensions 15x22 plus add 6 feet all around. Actual recommended play area will be 27x34.

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The monkey bar ladder to the left is so close to the house that kids can’t even use the monkey bars. The slide to the right was about 1- 2 ft. from the fence. Last, the rock wall that is facing the back fence was also about 2 ft. from the fence.


     If you what to add to your play set or build a custom play fort or tree house, we can help. contracting our consultation service can be very helpful. Our expert swingset techs can evaluate the swing set and give you great ideas to add to your play fort. Or we can go over on the type of tree house you would like to have built. Tell us your ideas and what you would like to have integrated into the tree house and we can let you know what works. What kid wouldn't love the custom tree house of their dreams. We are here to make that dream come true.




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